M1 is a 190 plus miles North – South stretch of road connecting London in the South with Leeds in the North. It has exits junctions that connect with other Motorways that serve the rest of the country.
Just imagine a full grown human standing before you with the back towards you. Can you see the person’s backbone? Good. M1 is like the backbone of other motorways and major roads in the UK! It simply connects the North to the Sou straight through the centre.
I was on it very early yesterday morning for a return shuttle within a limited time frame. Being alone and not wanting to get bored because of my over active mind, I decided to get busy.
I tried listening to songs which were mostly worship songs from McDowell, Stampley and others. They were not helping me at all. With just less than 15 minutes spent on the M1, I was yawning hard and long. Considering the time, it was still pretty dark, and I was definitely bound to doze off. So I turned off the on-board media system.
I don’t do coffee as I don’t get along with it, and having being up since 3am, I started chewing extra mint gum to kick in some sugar, started talking out loud to myself, asking questions, and also answering them. I wanted to meditate, but I remembered my wife’s warning never to try it again while driving! There are some things you can’t trust men with!
1. Why are the smaller cars able to overtake bigger vehicles so easily? I asked!
2. Are the trucks’ drivers not envious of those overtaking them with smaller cars
3. Actually, why are trucks so heavy and so slow?
4. What goods are the trucks, lorries and coaches carrying?
5. Oh, coaches carry people. What do the trucks carry?
6. Are they perishable, replaceable or re-fixable goods?
7. Are bigger vehicles not more expensive than smaller vehicles? So why are they slow?
8. Why are other road users exiting at different junctions if we are supposedly heading in same direction?
9. In fact, why were some of these big trucks trying to overtake those like them?
10. Why were coaches trying to flex their speed with the truck drivers and smaller vehicles at the same time?
11. Why were we not all heading in the same direction as we were all on the same road?
12. Why are some drivers in a hurry and some are not?
13. Why were some vehicles not giving way for others who want to quickly get along with their journeys?
14. Why were some drivers obeying the variable speed limits where applicable and many others flying through the speed camera zones without care?
15. In fact, why speed cameras?
These were just some of the numerous questions I was asking myself yesterday, and which I happened to be the one answering them as I tried to apply them to the Christian race, and the various assignments God gave His people, His servants most importantly.
Don’t mind my imaginations, they may be awkward at times. But this was the best I could do yesterday in order to quickly complete my return trip on that busy stretch of road.
– I imagined the M1 as the highway leading to heaven.
– I imagined all vehicles no matter the size as people with souls with the intention of ending up in heaven.
– I imagined small cars as people with no major assignment or responsibility in God’s kingdom.
– I imagined bigger vehicles such as vans and mini buses as people with assignments in the church. They are like the church workers, the have destinies of other people attached to them.
– I imagined the heavy trucks, coaches, lorries and vans as servants of God committed to the ministry work one way or the other with people’s destinies under their wards!
– I imagined all vehicles – cars, vans or trucks exiting the M1 as ordinary people, believers, servants of God – all falling out or departing from the highway of gospel truth leading to God.
– I imagined the variable speed limits as the non negotiable truths of the words of God telling us how to live our lives and walk the way of life.
– I imagined the speed cameras as the Holy Ghost check points!
To cut my imaginations short, I started preaching out to myself.
Many ministers (truck drivers) will preach heresies (exit junctions), and they will take the souls of many along with them. Trucks and lorries are heavy with goods, so same are big ministries with thousands and millions of members.
Small cars exiting the M1 are like Individuals claiming to be believers but are either walking out on God or falling away on their own.
Many ministries are trying to outperform one another like those truck drivers overtaking themselves.
Those flying through the variable speed limits or flouting the speed cameras while believing they are heading to God are those who don’t care about the gospel truth. No red zone or yellow warnings bother them.
Something always happen to such drivers in real life – they get letters, they get fined, they get points deducted from their licence! One way or the other, they are penalised. They always get caught! Some even end up in a crash somewhat after disobeying all warnings and instructions.
The main fact is, if everybody is heading towards the same direction, it doesn’t matter what time one get there. As long as you get there seems to be the crux. This is why!
Some trucks carry tomatoes and consumables, while some carry electronics or cars as their goods. Ministry assignments or mandates are probably different, and are to be carefully carried with the right speed.
-What can you imagine from the narration above? -Does any of the above apply to you or someone you know?
-And how can you remotely apply the various questions to yourself?
Know that over-speeding to heaven will not attract you any reward. It is all those variable warnings and keeping to the simple raw truths with witnesses from the Holy Ghost that will help ensure your smooth ride to heaven.
That your ministry is doing better or going faster than other ones means nothing! That ministry going peacefully and gently happens to be carrying more precious soul than yours.
I don’t know how to end this other than to ask you to imagine better, deeper and further than me.

By Amos

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