Time Out


Time Out


You will see learn and laugh at the same time. These write-ups serve as a reminder that we are all humans that make mistakes but if we can acknowledge them and see the lessons in them then we can always make our world a better place. You will get the humor of everyday life, family humor, political views, personal opinions, faith-based advise from practical experiences, as well as candid, advise in the area of love relationships especially in choosing a life partner. Enjoy.



Time Out is a collection of real-life scenarios as experienced by Amos. It is based on practical day to day issues, and out of the box approaches that he used to tackle the problems which could be funny at times but yet inspiring!
Life is full of challenges and all our challenges have solutions if we look outside of the box. Some of these challenges require the full intervention of God when things go beyond our human capabilities, and this book will encourage you to remain focused in the midst of all these, telling you to never give up trying when almost overwhelmed with these difficult situations or unsavory circumstances.
Some chapters will make you laugh uncontrollably at the silliness and folly displayed by Amos, while some will make you very sober and almost uncomfortable. There is food for thought for you to meditate on and draw strength from at the end of most chapters. Whether you are young or old; there is a story for you!


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