Note: I believe I have shared this before.
That day, I talked and talked and talked. Not bible related….but from gossip to ‘hear say’, to fables, and to ‘you are kidding me’-kind-of-stories.
No topic was sacred and no question was absurd.
And it was not even a counselling session!
Every single question she asked I answered.
She was one of the fellowship sisters in her final year, and I was just starting my second year.
There was no question she asked me that I did not answer. I ripped myself open for her to know everything she wanted to know.
After almost 3 hours of her chatting with me, I saw her off…..and we still continued talking.
After another hour or so under one tree, I pulled myself away finally to go back to my room. I was feeling very hungry by then.
I got to my room and I was so empty. I decided to cook beans. Students’ beans get done in no time….as in sharp sharp.
But suddenly, I sensed ‘I’ wanted to get out of my body so fast. I knew it was me trying to get away from myself.
A deep, heavy sleep came on me and I felt so light and suspended. I found myself somewhat powerless and helpless that the only solution was to hit the bed.
I was unconscious yet somewhat conscious of seeing myself in bed.
I saw myself in a big hall and a very old white-haired man walked up gently to me. He was not black and he was not white. He kinda glowed and sparkled same time.
He pointed his finger at me and I sensed something sharp and very pointy poking into my chest. The pain was sharp and brief and soothing at the same time.
That man did not move his mouth, and I could not figure out his face, yet I heard him sound and clear on the inside of me – Proverbs 18:21.
Yes, Pro 18:21. That was what he said roaringly into my heart yet without moving his lips.
He sounded so loud that I was jerked up from my sleep and my eyes cleared. It was as if I had slept forever…but like in seconds.
I wondered where that heaviness and sleepy feeling came from and how I ended up in bed. But thereafter, I felt so energised and renewed. I wasn’t tired, sleepy or hungry again.
Then, that Pro 18:21 rang like a bell again with a hint of a smacking pain at the back of my head. I hurriedly grabbed my bible as I was not sure what was in that passage.
“Death and Life are in the power of the tongue, and they that love it will eat the fruit thereof”.
I have never read that verse before and I was well convicted. I knew I had crossed the line over and over.
That was the second time in as many weeks that the same unidentifiable old man will point at me and I would hear unknown-before bible verses within me.
Isaiah 1:19 was the bible verse I got the first time. “If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land. This was received after I had bitterly come to accept the course and the institution I was matriculated into.
I may probably forget all bible verses, but not the ones in – Pro 18:21 and in Isa 1:19 that came first.
I was so afraid yet encouraged after this last one.
All I could tell myself was to padlock my mouth and be more conscious of what jumps out of my mouth.
There were things I said that I should never have uttered. You don’t just reveal things like I loosely did.
Mouth is the portal through which tongue makes connection to our spirit dimensions, and whoever has access to your mouth will always tap into your tongue to see past your body and deep into your soul.
Have you received a warning or a guidance, an encouragement or a rebuke like this before in the bible? You don’t joke with a thing like that!
Always guard your mouth, it is the key to your future.

By Amos

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