God described David as a man after His heart.
I thought David got that credit because he was a praiser. No, it was not all about praising God alone.
I then assumed it was because David knew how to humble himself before God whenever he erred. No it was not about that alone.
Then I read yesterday how David wept bitterly over Saul’s death! And that broke me.
David was so mournful that he wondered how Saul could die like an ordinary man, like someone whose head was never anointed with oil!
Then I remembered how David refused to kill King Saul his sworn enemy on two occasions because he believed Saul was anointed.
Saul wanted David dead but David would rather have Saul still breathing. David was not in a hurry to become king.
I look at myself I can confirm the gulf between David and me is vast. Why? I was trained to never spare any known enemy of my soul….they must die by fire.
Honestly, until now, I never saw myself as someone who will mourn the death of an enemy! Rather, ‘I will carry calabash of thanksgiving’ to share the testimony on 1st Sunday of the month.
If you want to hit this ultimate target before God, don’t see it as a thing of joy when your enemies die without the chance to repent.
I guess David mourned because he did not take Saul as his enemy. He knew the wrong spirit was pushing him all along.
May God help us all to love even our enemies.

By Amos

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