Jan 7, 2024

Someone asked me of my preferred persons to rule Nigeria!
I looked around and thought we would have to borrow external figures to some degree. At least the whole UK had to borrow a Canadian to come and handle the Bank of England.
My recommendation:
We should hire the following:
Paul Kigame of Rwanda
Vice President
Abiy Ahmed Ali of Ethiopia
Senate President
Xi Jiping of China
Speaker of the house
Putin of Russia
Chief of Staff to the President
Akinwumi Adesina
FCT Minister
Current Ghana President
Lagos Governor
Trump of USA
35 Peter Obi as governors for the remaining States.
35 Okonjo Iweala as deputy governors
Minister of Finance
Gordon Brown of UK
Minister of Defence
Netanyahu of Israel
Minister of Health
Ben Carson of USA
Minister of Internal Affairs
Mrs Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović of Croatia
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Mrs Nikki Haley of US
EFCC chairman
Let us go to God to return Tunde Idiagbon.
Inspector General of Police
Nuhu Ribadu
We will be number 1 in the world after 4 years of these people at the helm.
Amos….wake up. What a daymare!

By Amos

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