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I am not an immigration expert, and I am not in the best position to offer ideas or suggestions on what you should apply for.
But if you need an immigration firm to help handle your application, I KNOW ONE….there are many out there, but I know of 1.
I was reliably informed some 2 months back by an immigration expert that U.K. NHS is currently short of 20K nurses and other health practitioners…this is not including private health care providers.
By the time Brexit happens, the shortage number could shoot up to 40k for NHS. Now imagine the number for the private health care providers. Also imagine the looming shortage in the education sector and others.
Therefore, if you are interested in moving to the UK for work….
The UK Government has just included more new jobs on the Tier 2 Shortage Occupation List….
The current and updated list for the UK as Tumi Seymour compiled includes;
Secondary education teachers in the subjects of
Science (where an element of Physics will be taught,
Computer Science and
Medical practitioners,
Medical Radiographers,
Occupational Therapists,
Speech and language therapists,
Social Workers
IT business analysts,
Architects, and
System designers.
Programmers and software development professionals.
Web design and development professionals.
Quantity Surveyors.
An expert recommended these 2 immigration companies
Breytenbach and Sable International
One other recruitment agency that specialises in placing teachers is Timeplan.
If you are trained as a teacher in South Africa, that is a huge advantage.
You need Qualified Teachers Status to work in secondary schools – PGCE is a shoo in. CTTLS, PTTLS or DTTLS will also be an added advantage.
You can apply directly to any companies you are interested in, or find recruitment agencies that specialise in your relevant field. Good luck
By the way, my best advise for you is to avoid London, Manchester and other major cities. In fact, try and avoid the top 7 cities if possible.
There is better chance, less pressure and affordable quality lifestyle outside those major cities. Don’t leave Lagos for London….your wahala and stress will still be the same….only that you can drink better milk on top with regular power supply. That is the money I will borrow you.
Any city or town in Wales, Scotland, North of England, Midland and probably south of England are good places to launch your nets to for a quieter, quality life. Mind you, there will be too many people going for the major cities as well, so be wise. You just need a leg in for now and you can decide to ‘do’ London if you are desperate for it.

By Amos

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