Daddy’s Week Off Day 2:
Nothing much to say.
Will score myself 98%.
Though as at 8:35, I was chasing the big man around to wear his trouser. He thought we were doing paw patrol race!
Rain was a mess. Forced to use the car.
I pitied one mother pushing a buggy. A baby girl…probably weeks old was in it. The other child being walked to school…a boy…he was just running ahead through every single rain puddle. Rain from above, water from the ground…he was drenched…and it is cold.
I looked at her and said…”we all got them”. “Yup” she replied. There was nothing she could do. That boy is probably used to freezing temperature at home.
My humble submission with today’s event is this:
All housewives and mothers should be officially paid the motherhood wages! School run in the rain with buggy is not a joke!

By Amos

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