Somebody asked me who I think God will support should there be an issue between children of God wherein one faces unjust intimidation or ill treatment from others.
I just laughed hard.
Why? Something similar happened recently on a Saturday I was supposed to rest. And I shared it with my dad and a few others.
Wifey was on hospital placement shift that morning and I needed more sleep to supplement the one I had on the train. But the children were too much a bundle for my tired eyes.
So I asked the girls to look after their brother who really wanted to play hard with me but which I could not afford. He was all over the place. So I asked them to take him to the garden and make good use of their trampoline.
The boy loves the Trampoline but the girls hate the outdoor despite their love for the trampoline. They can’t stand tiny flies associated with garden plants and flowers even though the garden is artificial grass!
Later in my dream I heard them arguing between themselves whether they should bundle him in or not and use the conservatory to muffle his cries for help from getting to me on the second floor.
I jumped up from my sleep and to my shock I heard the boy’s muffled scream for help still reaching me. They tried to silence him for crying out.
I ran down stairs of 2 floors in no time to see my beloved son being seriously ‘boy-handled’ by his big sisters.
The older of the big sisters grabbed him by the head/neck and chest region and the other carried him by his legs and thighs. He was literally choked up.
The last 4 to 5 seconds of their acts provoked so much anger in me that I was first rendered immobile for a few more seconds.
The boy was fighting hard, kicking out and struggling to hold on to anything while trying to scream out more.
I saw my son flung into one red sofa in the conservatory like a bag of cement while the sisters quickly locked up the double doors to the garden.
The boy cried bitterly as he ran after them to rescue the door from being locked. His bitter cries was felt inside my bones and I was brought back from the shock that first rendered me immobile.
I stood at the kitchen door and gave a roaring shout I never believed could come out from my lungs. Honestly, the older one dropped a pee. I saw the face of the younger one at the sound of my scream and she was pale.
I first went after the son who was battling with the door and I opened it for him. He saw me and he knew that justice had come but he wanted more.
He went after the closest one and started singing ‘bah bah black sheep’ while crying…that is his way of tagging anybody who offended him and who he was ready to bite.
Before he could plant his teeth on the side of the younger big sister, I grabbed and lifted him up and said sorry to him. He looked into my face and cried more as he buried his face on my shoulder.
The older one was peeing on herself more so I let her go and finish it at the guest toilet. The sister I rescued from being bitten was worried and was looking for where to possibly duck should I decide to hand out immediate justice.
The older one was afraid to come out of the toilet which was a stone throw….I boomed out again….she came running and stammering.
They looked worse and broken for being caught red handed. They knew they crossed the line with the way they handled their brother. They were genuinely sorry and sad. They were stammering and shaking whilst saying ‘sorry Hadriel’.
I banished them to their room before I changed my mind while I took the boy outside to enjoy the rest of the sunny evening. And because I didn’t want them to look as if I had shifted my love from them to the boy, I later called them and told them the story of their lives from the beginning and how they were allowed to enjoy themselves even to the detriment of our convenience.
I told them off kindly and still make them finish up their punishment until their mother arrived later that evening.
For the boy, I let him satisfy himself outside though I stopped him again from attacking the older sister one upon seeing her when we went inside. He didn’t understand why he was not allowed to fight them back in his own way.
When my son sings ‘humpty dumpty sitting on a wall’, he is warning you that he is alone and wants his space to himself. When he shifts to the one line of ‘bah bah black sheep’…he is attacking you in a jiffy.
I told the boy not to worry and used my tablet to distract him until he has totally forgotten about the wrong did to him.
No man or boy should be carried in the way he was carried by the girls and not feel humiliated. Only Naija security forces I have seen mishandle civilians in that way.
When we look at the way God rebuked Job’s friends, it is probably a good and close example of how God settles matter between his children.
I don’t think God will kill one child over the other though He would still show His strong displeasure to the wrong party.
Job’s friends were made to perform sacrifices and to do something extra as part of their punishment. Job was never allowed to go hard on his friends for their misguided condemnation of him.
So in my humble opinion God has different ways of punishing his children who set themselves against other children of his.
Except some God’s children have really erred and have given themselves totally to evil…then we need to ask if they were really of God in the first instance.
This is my little understanding and I hope it helps.

By Amos

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