This is the modern valley of


as it is now.
Imagine this place 2000 years ago when Jesus was here. Now travel further back a thousand years in time….
Alright….stop. Welcome to the time of The Judges. 3,000 years ago thereabout. Jephthah and Samson were the star boys of this turbulent era. The wannabes men of God. Yeah…they were men of God….but I will call them borrowed vessels.
They worked for God by defending and liberating the oppressed people of God. But they lacked moral compasses.
Our bad boy in discourse is Samson. The original bad boy with supernatural strength but with no discipline to curb his moral weakness for women.
He loved women of certain type…the Philistine women! The dangerous ones that set him on edge thus putting him in confrontations with the enemies all the time!
How can a woman live alone in a dense valley like this one 3000 years ago and a man will still have the bold heart to go in and have sexual relations with her?
Samson lived in Zorah at the time. And for him to do his usual one man army raid on the Philistine 5 city-states to the West of the promised land, he would usually pass through the Valley of Sorek.
When you enter that Valley of Sorek and go further West, you are entering the enemy territories. Jerusalem is to the East, and you are definitely going further away from the city of God to the camp of the enemies in the West.
Valley of Sorek is a valley of indiscretion for many. And for those with weak ‘will’, Sorek spells their end for them. Only one person has always lived in Sorek…a woman called DELILAH!
It is sadly laughable to believe that only men of God with debased moral standard and questionable character standard carelessly carry their anointing through the Valley of Sorek!
Delilah laps will be there waiting for them as usual! She won’t allow them to return to Jerusalem, she would first strip them of their ‘anointing’ before passing them over to the 5 lords of the enemy strongholds.
Today, the descendants of the Sorek dweller have shifted their enterprise into Jerusalem.
They also lift up their hands when other holy hands are thrown up in worship….their thighs are also lifted and opened wide too…in addition to worship.
Don’t fall into that gutter ye workers of flesh.
Many people hanging around the altars today are permanent customers of Sorek, and I pretty know that the Delilah who controls the Sorek of their lives will not allow them to come back.
If God loves you, he will expose you for patronising Sorek so you could be wrested and saved from the clutches of Delilah’s grips.
Unfortunately, many will call God liar and will use their influence, power and positions to cover up their sins rather than to be broken and repent fully.
Their end is never a nice one even if they repent late eventually! They will lose all. Samson lost all. He died with the uncircumcised ones.
Imagine a pastor dying in a night club with many others! Even if he had gone to preach to a stripper there, people won’t still sanctify the memory of his death! They will question it. That was exactly how people of God felt about Samson’s death.
The prayers I pray to God for my wife as a person is for her eyes to always be opened and for her to be very alert so that she can boldly scream out for help for me when she starts to sniff the air of the valley and the elements of ‘Sorekness’ before I walk into it.
Truth is, Sorek is real and present in our churches today, and I pray that God will expose these Sorek ministers among us so they can all be truly saved before evil day catches up with them.

By Amos

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