What is marriage?

What is marriage

A colleague I once knew got married with less than 10 people in attendance.
These were all the people in their lives that they knew really wanted the best for them.
Not that they did not have friends or extended relatives, but they preferred the ones that have consistently been with them since their childhood, and will be with them at every facet of their future journey – their immediate families!
They bought a house within 3 months of marriage. They never ran into debt, and all was set for the arrival of their first child.
Whereas, you have third world countries’ weddings where an invitation is thrown to a colleague, who then brought his or her partner, and the partner invited two friends, and the two friends invited other friends.
And one of the friends invited the whole social group or club he or she belongs to, and one of the group members brought his or her whole family because it was too late to get a baby sitter.
At the end, over 500 people you don’t know are drinking your wines and eating your foods which they will empty in toilets in a matter of 6 hours.
6 weeks later, you walk past these people and 95 percent of them don’t recognise you again. 18 months later, should you be having marital issues, none of the 500 that were dancing at your wedding will be there to help sort you out.
Should I wake up and realise that my wedding is in 6 months, only 67 people will be there! Mark Zuckerberg with his billions married his wife same day she did her graduation from school.
This is for you guys planning to tie the knots in the nearest future. Don’t throw charity wedding. Don’t do welfare feeding. If people don’t attend your wedding reception, it doesn’t mean they will die for not coming to eat!
Plan, prepare and reserve something to fall on rather than persevere on what in what will break you.

By Amos

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