1. Everyone wants something good. Lazy men are no exception: they want a hardworking woman in their lives, for very obvious reasons. The woman is making money. Period.

2. It is amazing but hardworking women somehow accommodate lazy men in their lives. I have never understood ‘the physics’ behind this strange phenomenon, and I never want to.

3. A lazy man goes against the scriptural injunction which clearly states that ‘if you don’t work, you shouldn’t eat.’ A lazy man wants to burden his woman with all his problems, not working at all but laying up bills.

4. A man is supposed to protect, provide for and nurture his woman. Any man who is not ready for this should forget looking for a wife. He is not ready for a real woman.

5. Some ladies have such low self-esteem that they will do anything to get a man. They will buy the man’s food, clothes, house him, give him sex and even give him money for offering in church! That is really sick. How can such a man live with himself? Very easy, I suppose.

6. A man who has no job, no money; who is not out there doing his hustle; who has no drive, has no right whatsoever to talk to a woman about a relationship, talk less of marriage. A woman who listens to such a man is enabling his irresponsible behaviour.

7. Lady, if you like a guy who has no job, the best you can do for him is help him get a job. A lady said she told her younger brother’s girlfriend not to give her brother any money because it will make him lazy. The brother had no job and was doing nothing about it.

8. A man who is not ready to work hard, should not pursue a woman whose Christian Louboutin shoes he cannot afford to buy; whose Prada handbag he cannot buy. He should look for a woman he can relate with on his financial level and be happy with.

9. A lady who enables a lazy man will set a dangerous foundation for their future. Encourage him to pursue his dream. Support him. Be there for him. Pray for him. Buy him good books…like my life transforming books. But don’t encourage his laziness.

Lady, if you really love him, push him to the streets to go find a job to settle the bills and handle his responsibilities. May the good Lord grant you wisdom.

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