Written in 2013…updated in 2017 and retouched in 2019…..

Who can WHATSAPP my soul like You?
Who else can HITALK me to glory?
I ASK and QUORA the understanding of men for the knowledge of You. I remain always on the OUTLOOK for an EXCHANGE of WIKI wisdom as I want more of You and less of me. Alas, I am surrounded by the FIREFOX of men threatening me with brimstone.
I GOOGLED You all over the CHROME world, YAHOOING and BINGING lonely every time my heart seeks for You.
IMESSAGE came back empty with no news, and SMSING is too short to bare all my feelings to You.
MMSING could not even PING me better.
And BEBOING won’t do me any favour.
PINTEREST has not really met all my yearnings for Your presence as I would.
I just want to have a moment to TANGO with you my Lord, to TWITTER my mind to You and receive my instant INSTAGRAM of blessing, while also on the AIM for something more, something better than what makes me ‘VIBERATE’ before I can connect.
MSNING is boring me out and LINKEDIN has failed to link me up to you as no one cares for my HI5 of fellowship.
SKYPEING could not take me beyond the SOUNDCLOUD to reach You as I remained rooted in MYSPACE which I want to rededicate to you oh Lord.
YOUTUBE me oh Lord with your refreshing knowledge and GOOGLE+ every hidden blessing in me to limelight to amaze my world.
Even those in the PRIME of AMAZON and SAFARI can KINDLE your praise when I proclaim your glory.
CIRCLE me with your VINE and let me have a personal FACEBOOKING experience with Your messages for me.
This is where your beholding eyes will regularly SNAPCHAT your favour into me when I FACETIME you face to face without ceasing.
Thus giving me ACCESS beyond my limited WINDOWS, and right to the EDGE where Your life-giving BLOGS from Thine WORDPRESS will reach me without any PUBLISHER to claim your glory!
Only in Your WORD would I be buried and still come out alive, as I am empowered to EXCEL with Your grace which POWERPOINTS me to beyond the reaches of life HACKERS.
CHATTING and BBMING You every moment that I breathe is all I ever want to do.
GROUPME with those destined for the highest level,
Chart my PATH always to greatness,
Remove all those BADOOING me and distracting me,
GOOGLE DRIVE me through all life’s impediments to just ONE DRIVE secured by you,
SKY DRIVE me beyond the dark ICLOUD, where nothing can touch me in Your fortress, secured in the secret place of the HARD DRIVE of the Rock of Ages! Amen.

By Amos

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