The price

I walked in to one of my favourite stores in the city to pick up some jackets for the season and I saw some jackets that were put on emergency sales because they had minor and barely visible defects.
My wallet screamed at me not to touch them when I saw the handwritten price on them.
Are you kidding me? I mumbled to myself. How can defects still have such a high price tag.
I walked to an attendant to confirm coz I really loved the one slapped with £700 thereabout price. It stood out and I craved it.
Do you want to try it on to know why it is that expensive he asked.
I refused. I knew I would enter into a sale or marketing technique trap.
‘No thanks’ I said.
He mentioned the name of the designer which didn’t even register a bell or click at all.
He shook his head and pointed in the direction of the usual £150 to £200 range jackets they always have on display. I happily headed in that direction.
Then it occurred to me that even with minor defects, the name of the designer has taken care of those jackets!
I honestly searched for the defects and I found none. And he refused to point at any! He alone knew what the defect on each jacket was.
I look at ourselves as believers and I realised the same can be applied to us.
We are not perfect. We are all sinners saved by grace. We are all defects slapped with a sticker of the name of Jesus to improve our branding and cost price.
That’s why we were bought with a price and our defects and sins have been wiped away as we have been made righteous through Christ Jesus who bought us with his blood.
No matter what your defects were, your price tag goes up through the roof once Jesus your original designer puts His brand and name on you. You become an expensive commodity straightaway.
I refused to try the expensive jacket on because I was afraid I will get trapped and would of course pay the price. But I believe the jacket made from real leather will be so comfy that you would forget about the amount paid to own it.
That is the same way people are afraid of taking the name of Jesus upon themselves and accepting him as their Lord and saviour. They are afraid of the price they will have to pay in their social and professional lives!
They would rather walk away to continue with what is convenient for them.
I will not lie to you that the price of following Jesus may be high, but it is surely worth it!
Taste and see that the Lord is good. Until you try Him, you may never know. Don’t walk away yet…or again from His saving grace and the assurance that His salvation has in stock for you.

By Amos

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